Gastric Band Weight Loss - CD or MP3

GB Weight LossRecent publicity about the success of Gastric Band surgery for obese or overweight people has been phenomenal. Patients going 'under the knife' can lose half their body weight within the first 2 years (often even more weight loss is experienced in less time).

However testimonials are now flooding in about clients who have been hypnotized to believe that they have actually undergone gastric band surgery and as a result lost the excess weight with no unwanted side effects. If surgery doesn't appeal to you then we have prepared a special hypnosis recording that can help you to feel as though you have actually had the operation; helping you to reduce the amount of food you can or want to eat, subsequently leading to a loss of those unwanted pounds. Purchase the MP3 or CD

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Alopecia - Reclaim your Hair - and your Happiness

Alopecia A study conducted by the International Journal of Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis reported significant positive results with hypnotherapy for sufferers of alopecia of whom previous traditional approaches had proved unsuccessful. Over half of the participants (including 4 who had complete hair loss) showed significant improvement, not only in their subsequent hair growth but in their overall mental and physical condition.

Alopecia has, for a long time, been linked to stress and it is not difficult to understand how this can develop into a cycle of feeling stressed and unattractive because of the hair loss and subsequently shedding more hair as a result. Free Hypnosis Scripts have produced a holistic approach that you can use in the comfort of your own home as an MP3 download, CD or a script to use with your clients if you are a Hypnotherapist. Purchase the MP3, the CD or the script to use with your clients.

Gastric Band Adjustment

This is a useful follow up to the Gastric Band Weight Loss recording - especially if you're losing too much weight too quickly, or not as much as you would like. If your imaginary band is too loose or too tight then your mind can adjust it accordingly with this Gastric Band Adjustment MP3 or CD. Find out more or purchase here



Stop smoking today

Hypnotize yourself and others with our fabulous collection of Hypnotic CD and MP3 recordings. Choose from below and if you can't find what you are looking for, let us know and we will produce it.

The Gastric Band Hypnotherapy Manual for Hypnotherapists

for qualified Hypnotherapists Only - Help your obese clients to lose weight with this Hypnotic World Gastric Mind Band Manual. Find out More

Get into shape

Get ready for summer Free Hypnosis Scripts - is offering all the help that you need to get into shape and there's no better time to begin than NOW.

We have a range of mp3s, CDs, hypnosis scripts and training videos for Hypnotherapists who wish to guide their clients to a slimmer, healthier figure - as well as an amazing package containing a selection of these goodies at a very attractive price.

Begin the Career of your Dreams

Are you a people's person? Do you like helping others - solving problems? As a professional Hypnotherapist you can work the hours you wish and enjoy a prestigious and rewarding career. The Professional Hypnotherapy Diploma Course is available to study at your own pace and you can pay as you study with this distance learning course from the Hypnotic World International Academy of Hypnotherapy.

Uncover Past Lives with this easy to follow Guide

Uncover your past life Whether you are a Hypnotherapist wishing to add Past Life Regression to your toolbox of therapies or you are fascinated with the idea of discovering more about your own previous lives this Guide teaches different approaches that you can use.

This complete guide to Past Life Regression is crammed with information to help anyone who is interested in exploring past lives. Find out More

Can You Be Hypnotized?

Some people believe that they cannot be hypnotized - are you one of them? If you have ever volunteered at a stage hypnosis show and been sent away because you did not respond then this could actually mean that you are actually too hypnotizable but weren't extrovert enough to make a fool of yourself in front of an audience.
Read more and take our hypnotizability test here.

Improve your Public Speaking

If you are presenting seminars, workshops or simply addressing large groups of people then fine-tuning your public speaking skills will be an advantage. You can excel at public speaking with this newly recorded hypnosis audio. Find out More

Have you lived before?

Have you lived before?

Over three quarters of the world's population believe in reincarnation - could YOU have lived before in another era? Take a fascinating journey back through the ages in your subconscious mind with this selection of fascinating hypnosis MP3 downloads. Find out More

Stop Smoking Today

Stop smoking with hypnosis

Fed up with burning your hard earned money away whilst risking your health? If you are ready to kick the habit once and for all our Smoking Association MP3 (or CD) has achieved proven results in just one session. Find out More

Practical Training

If it's practical training you're looking for, we run workshops around the UK, covering various invaluable techniques, such as Rapid Inductions, Time Line Therapy, EFT, Suggestibility Testing, Ideomotor Techniques and much more. Our sessions are always fun and informative and many of our attendees have gone on to make life long friends. If you'd like a workshop in your area let us know your nearest city and we'll try to arrange one. Contact Us

Thoughts on Photographic Memory

Boost your memory and concentration with this popular hypnosis MP3 download (also available on CD) - downloaded to your inbox immediately.
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For Hypnotherapists

Need Help or Advice with a Client or Case? Our Solutions Corner offers therapists a chance to ask their question and receive responses from other Hypnotherapists on how they would proceed with a case. Find out More

Unlock your Visualization Ability

Being able to visualize can greatly enhance a hypnosis session, however this skill is often lost as we grow older. You can improve your own and your client's visualization ability with this newly recorded MP3 or CD.

Case Histories

A Hypnotherapist's case book is never dull. Send your own true experiences for inclusion on this page

Hypnotherapists find that their working day is always varied as no two cases are ever the same. You should be prepared for anything, from sad, heart wrenching situations to the hilariously amusing ones. Sometimes you can't 'win' no matter what you do, as you'll discover when you read the account of Doubting Thomas.

We have included here a selection of true life case histories which we hope the reader will find interesting. Needless to say, all names have been changed to protect the identity of the client. Find out More

Weight Loss

Weight LossHelp your Clients to Achieve their Weight Loss Goals with this exclusive guide for Hypnotherapists

For any therapist involved in helping clients with weight loss, offering an effective service with successful results is paramount. Establishing a service renowned for providing what it promises is essential. Find out More

How to Seduce any Woman with Hypnosis

What is it with some guys that they seem to be able to chat to any girl and take the relationship further? Maybe you are a little shy with women - or you've been wanting to ask someone out for weeks but are afraid of being rejected? Whatever the scenario - this guide can teach you the inside secrets of what women really want (written by a woman who knows).

Exclusive eBook, only £8.99 Find out More

Velvet Voice

Develop the perfect singing voice with hypnosis. This MP3 is designed for people who would like to develop their singing voice, improve vocal stamina and increase performance confidence.
If you often feel too nervous to get up and have a go then you are not alone - many professional singers suffer with nerves before they sing live!  MP3 or CD

Turning Off Unwanted Genes

Imagine being able to turn off those unwanted genes.

We inherit DNA from both sides of the family, some attributes may produce admirable qualities and features whilst others we'd rather do without.

The genetic environment of a living cell changes constantly due to developmental transitions and shifts in the surrounding environment, causing a dynamic character to both the genome and its pattern of activity.

Various natural mechanisms are employed by cells as they adapt to genetic change, including mechanisms that are activated during normal development.

This Turning off Unwanted Genes hypnosis MP3 download shows how, by using hypnosis and the power of the imagination, genes may be switched off on a cellular level.

Available as MP3 download or CD

Overcome Compulsive Spending

Shopping Do you over-indulge in 'Retail Therapy'? Is an addiction to compulsive spending leaving you broke and upsetting your relationship with your nearest and dearest? If you find yourself shopping just for the sake of it then you could be wasting more money than you can afford.

Compulsive Spending is a common addiction which can easily be treated with hypnosis.

This powerful hypnosis MP3 download will implant a trigger in your mind to stop you from impulsive buying and leaving you feeling more in control of yourself and your finances.

So - make this your last (and most important) impulsive purchase - one that you will definitely not regret afterwards.

Purchase here

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