Gastric Band Weight Loss

Bought this with the hope of reducing appetite, losing weight would be an added bonus. Only using at night for the last week so cannot fully comment. The download does make me extremely relaxed and get a good night sleep after. Would recommend.
Karen S, Monaghan, UE

Easy to listen to, felt very relaxed and refreshed afterwards
Jane J. Northern Territory. 2014-03-05

Good relaxation followed by operation. I am definitely feeling fuller faster. Very good.
Yasmin D. Middlesex. 2014-01-28

Been using it everyday
Jack F. OH. 2014-01-09

I love to eat...I truly do and as I become older this has begun to catch up with me. I purchased the Gastric Band Weight Loss MP3 several weeks ago and I listen to it on a regular basis. I love to eat as much as before, however, I am automatically eating less....enjoying food as much as before...just eating less. I do not feel deprived, continue to enjoy every bite, and am progressively losing weight. Very, very pleased indeed!!
Linda H. NY. 2013-12-04

I've only listened to it once. I didn't eat much after that, so I can only assume it was because of the recording.
Julia N. A. 2013-11-07

I found the hypnotic experience/meditation very good (I am well used to meditation) the journey the cd takes you on is quite vivid and does induce a deep hypnotic state whilst still being fully aware, the only thing I would have liked was to have visualised the gastric band being slipped over my stomach and making my stomach very small, as it is, the cd walks you through the whole going to hospital process, wrist/name band being attached, anaesthetist putting you to sleep, but then you 'wake up' and you have it fitted - as if you have had the operation, for me, like I said, I would have liked to have been able to visualise the band being fitted - in layman's terms not necessarily surgical ones.
Tracy D. South Yorkshire. 2013-09-28

Sceptical but so far it seems to work
Robert T. Fife. 2012-12-02

So far so good after 5 days of listening. The male voice is clear and easy to listen to, in the past I have found some voices on hypnotherapy media quite irritating. I seem to have reduced my portion sizes without feeling hungry, and when hunger strikes I'm not desperately searching the fridge as I would normally, I'm thinking about what to eat and when my next meal will be. I'm hoping I've cracked the cycle of binging and comfort eating, only time will tell.... One day at a time.
Sue A. Durham 2013-07-08

Excellent mp3 Very easy to use and easily puts you in a hypnotic state.
Jeena P. IN. 2013-06-28

Very good quality download.
Stuart A. Derbyshire. 2013-06-10

I have listened to this for six days now. I am due to be weighed tomorrow night but I do feel that I should have lost some weight during that time. I certainly feel that I am much more positive about losing weight, have much more energy and have found myself taking smaller portions consistently since using this hypnosis. Its odd, I don't actually feel like I've got a gastric band on, I don't feel like I've had an actual operation - but I guess the point is that its not the conscious mind that does feel this way, its the subconscious? I shall continue to listen daily though I'm not sure if that's what one is supposed to do - however, it seems to be working for me.
Brenda M-R. Hants. 2013-05-05

So far so good. Sound is clear and I am feeling great.
Nora A. TX. 2013-04-30

Client found this very helpful.
Shirley C. Alberta. 2013-04-15

this is amazing like real talk no joke it works lost 3 pounds in a week without doing much,1st tiime i have dieted and not felt hungry
Alisha D-R. London. 2013-04-16

I am really pleased with this mp3. I have so far lost 5lb in one week, I am trying to listen to the recording daily although I have missed a couple of days.
Miss M T. London. 2013-04-13

So far so good. After a week my appetite seems to have diminished and I have no desire to indulge in anything I shouldn't and I'm normally quite a sweet tooth. I will soon be getting the follow on Gastric Band Hypnosis Adjustment.
Wendy K. South Australia. 2013-04-07

This is a great CD, has helped both of us quickly reduce our portion sizes, make better food choices and become more aware of what we are eating. It is very relaxing as well, I actually look forward to listening to it every day and I'm not a "relaxation CD" type of person. I would buy it/down load it again in a second.
Sue D. MA. 2013-02-03

Linda B. Vietnam. 2013-01-27

Arrived very quickly. So far so good. Only listened a few times but seems to be having some sort of impact already lost 4 pounds. I will definitely keep listening.
Colin s. Cheshire. 2013-01-20

As a permanent wheelchair user this is going to be very good for me if it works. I've only been using the hypnotic MP3 for a week and can honestly say that something has changed. I'm not craving my daily chocolate fix and seem to be eating less although have not noticed being full after a few mouthfuls of food as it's supposed to do. I'm not thinking about food all the time either and have actually felt hunger pangs which then makes me think 'i need to eat'. Like others, i fall asleep when listening to it so my quality of sleep has improved, but i don't hear the surgical part of the gastric band bit either. Perhaps that's a good thing!!
Mrs G R F. Northants. 2013-01-19

Great hypnosis script, clear voice, are eating less, and will continiu lissen to the script. (sic)
Inga S. NO. 2013-01-15

very relaxing and good listened to the cd the night it arrived forgot about it had breakfast felt full much quicker than norm so far so good
CORRINNE R. Gloucestershire. 2013-01-09

I am early in my program and am finding that i am not as hungry and do not want as much :-)
Vicky P. Gloucestershire. 2012-12-29

I have found this recording very helpful. I'm extremely happy with the ease of download and the content of the recording. I would definitely use this download facility again.
p j c. NSW. 2012-11-19

Relaxing voice - good quality recording. brought the operation to life.
Catherine C. Lancashire. 2012-11-14

A great hypnosis recording with a very pleasant and relaxing voice.
Kylie D. Western Australia. 2012-10-30

Excellent...worked from day one
Leigh t. Cumbria. 2012-10-29

I have followed the easy to use instructions on the PDF provided and have now lost 6kg and it has stayed off . I feel it is much easier to follow a eating plan and am now feel full with smaller portions.
Theresa S. London. 2012-05-13

A good recording, I think it may be quite effective
Emma s. Hertfordshire. 2012-10-15

I have only been using it for a week, but have been able to reduce my food intake and have lost 1 1/2 kilos . I look forward to more loss as the weeks go by.
Paul H. NSW. 2012-10-14

Just start a few days ago, but the voice is very comforting
Patricia S. Tipperary. 2012-10-10

Very easy to use relaxing and I do believe that it is having a positive effect on my eating habits
Theresa S. London. 2012-05-13

Fantastic product.... I have lost a stone in four weeks.
GARETH S. Surrey. 2012-08-10

I have used the hypnotic download for 2 weeks, listening to it every evening. The voice on the recording sounds exceedingly boring at first but the more I listened to it the more relaxing I found it. One major benefit is that my sleep has really improved - I no longer wake constantly during the night. One of my problems is that I am a secret eater - I usually disapper into bed with a book and a lot of munchies. I now listen to the recording in the evenings instead of reading and eating and have found that my desire for secret eating has disappeared. I am also finding that my general interest in binge eating is decreasing. The recording is definately helping me to control my bad eating habits and I will continue to listen to it every day - I am confident that the more I listen to it the less I will feel the need or urge to comfort eat.
Geraldine F. Co. Louth. 2012-08-23

Easy to listen to and somewhat effective after the first session.
Marie C. Queensland. 2012-08-17

I am very pleased with the Gastric Band MP3 download its so simple you just play it and it does the rest, thank you.
Josephine H. Dorset. 2012-08-15

i have not listened consistently for full effect. otherwise very good
Rochelle M K. Queensland. 2012-07-28

great purchase really relaxing struggling to find a pattern to play this but when i first started using this the fist night i listen ti it when i go to bed got up the next morning and i had a tender tummy i have lost 4lbs in weight so far so i plan to make time to make a continuation and time plan for this but all in all great download,sorry for delay on this as my computer been in for repair.
Mandy w. Sheffield. 2012-07-10

Easy to download. So far very impressed, I found it too be effective from day 1 and is helping me too control what I eat. Pleased I found your web site.
Vivien n. West Sussex. 2012-07-25

I like the cd and have been listening to it daily. I am also somewhat familiar with hypnosis. I think that the more I believe in this cd and its intention, the more it will work. One thing I have noticed is that keep telling myself several times a day I had this surgery and my intake of food will be decreased by a feeling of fullness and not wanting to overeat.
Judith J. MD. 2012-07-11

the download is extremely relaxing and I have listened to it with my husband every bedttime- it makes me fall asleep but as yet has had no effect on my eating habits although my husband says he feels full before completing a meal and has lost 4lb in just 5 days.
Denise d. Derbyshire. 2012-07-08

i have only just listened to the mp3 but feel ok and suprisingly possitive about it (sic)
Dawn c. Nottinghamshire. 2012-07-03

I have bought the MP3 as I am opening a practice and want to specialize in gastric band weight loss. The information provided is detailed and precise. I am very confident it will be very effective.
Mary P. Tasmania. 2012-06-03

The quality of the Gastric Band Weight Loss is excellent. I will be excited to see the results. My only wish would have been a little longer script w/re: to the actual 'technical' aspects of the surgery. The explanation of band placement, how the Dr. uses a small camera to do the surgery, etc. would help with the visualization. But otherwise great!
Carol C. OH. 2012-07-02

Incredibly relaxing. It might be placebo effect, but it works! Certainly cheaper than surgery!
Alexis l. FL. 2012-06-15

I believe it is well done, I just started using it last week.
Daniela T. MA. 2012-06-15

I started listening to this right away and its did start to work. THe following day I didn;t feel like I could finish my food and wasnt hungry at all for most of the day. BUt I havent had time to listen to it very much after that and I think the effects need to be felt by listening every day. I did fall asleep each time I listened though!
Jacqueline S. Hertfordshire. 2012-05-31

Very good Hypnotic CD, will definitely recommend this site to friends and family.
Catherine T. Nottinghamshire. 2012-06-08

I think this was an overall good MP3 script and will enjoy using it often.
Simonetta f. east northport. 2012-05-23

I've not had it for very long but it seems really good, I have a two and a half year old and a newborn so I tend to fall asleep more or less straight away but I seem not to want massive portions or chocolate!
Victoria S. Staffs. 2012-05-17

I have listened to this a few times now and find I am satisfied with a smaller portion and have noticed I'm more inclined to reach for a healthier option - I am hoping this effect will continue
Joanne l. Co Wexford. 2012-05-04

Nice voice of narrator, easy to imagine going through the whole surgery
Xenia K. AT. 2012-04-02

After the first time of using this Mp3 I've noticed the mental results of not wanting to overeat or snack. I don't feel that emotional urge to have to do so anymore. I do notice that it's still a habit" that my body needs to break from doing, the mental push that was there is now gone as a result of this Mp3.
Katrina B. Alberta. 2012-03-26

I am satisfied with the script...Will use in the future for weight loss clients..Like the narrator also..
Carole M. CA. 2012-02-16

It works ! I dont eat as much. I eat when im hungery stop when full. Dont use when very tired,do more than once
Joshua C. Weaverville. 2012-02-11

I find that in between our scheduled sessions with a client after they have first been seen this is a great tool to listen to before going to bed or if they find that they are having a difficult time,
Helen m. NH. 2012-02-03

It's a bit early for strong results but I am feeling positive so far and have lost a few pounds in my first week!
Kim E. Humberside. 2012-02-01

Received this a week or so ago and have been listening to it at nights. I think I have seen a reduction in the food I have been eating but yet to record a weight loss. I am however seeing food differently and not snacking as much. Time will definitely tell!
Elaine C. East Dunbartonshire. 2012-01-25

this mp3 is very good and relaxing. i use it every night before i go to sleep. i've recommended it to my friends and will continue using it. i definately feel very full if i eat too much, and i'm sure i used to eat the same amount comfortably before ( i started to type having the gastric band"!) i listened to the mp3. thats just freaky, i didn't know it had embedded that deeply!
Patricia McF. NSW. 2011-12-07

Good content and excellent script progression
Thomas W. PA. 2011-10-31

I find the tone of the speaker very hypnotic in itself and I can easily get into a comfortable hypnosis. The cadence of the speech is also conducive to relaxation. The script takes you on a smooth journey of imagination and visualisation and after each listen to the mp3, I feel more motivated to tackle my weight problem.
Jamie S. West Midlands. 2011-10-14

I requested this download for a client who is classed as morbidly obese and unable to have surgery due to heart problems. The client is already showing a good response to this download having within three days managing to loose 7 lbs in weight and feeling better in themselves.
Irene M. Moray. 2011-10-11

It has worked so well that when I felt a pain in my stomach I found myself assuming that it was due to the surgery! It took me a little while to realise that this could not be so. I have found that I don't need to eat large portions. I am eating smaller portions when I am hungry. I have lost weight already.
Maxine L. South Ayrshire. 2011-10-12

Have only used the product for about a week, I try to listen to it before I go to bed, I do feel it is helping and I am feeling fuller, but I know it takes several weeks of use to really kick in. I would have liked more description of the actual operation other than just the incision as it may have helped it feel even more realistic
Elaine G. Lancashire. 2011-10-05

I have only listened to the Gastric Band Weight Loss a few times but already I feel I am in control of my eating which was getting out of hand. I feel more satisfied when I eat and don't feel the need to search for what else I can devour. Amazing! And besides that, I have a good night's sleep and wake up refreshed. An added bonus.
Judith van G. NL. 2011-10-04



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