Can YOU be Hypnotized?

One of the questions I'm often asked by clients is - does hypnosis work? This is a very good question because most Hypnotherapists will have encountered clients who claim that they weren't hypnotized (even though hypnosis apparently resolved their problem).

We are all different and experience a hypnotic trance in our own particular way, indeed after experiencing hypnosis myself on several occasions my reactions were different each time. Sometimes the visual element was very powerful - at other times I experienced a 'split brain phenomena' - others total detachment and once or twice - nothing at all.

One of the first times I underwent regression was at one of John Howard's seminars. John had written a series of 3 (pink) books which although I found the spelling and grammar in dire need of re-editing, the content was brilliant and I was the first to volunteer when he asked the delegates if anyone wanted to experience regression.

As a bit of background history, I previously very little recall of my first 18 months of life and certainly none at all about what transpired during the regression session.

John used a rapid induction which I didn't expect to work - however when he took me back to the first steps I ever took I instantly 'knew' where I was and what was happening. I couldn't 'see' (in picture form) in my mind the things he was guiding me to visualize but I 'knew' in a different part of my mind what the real situation was.

A fellow Hypnotherapist who I attended the seminar with had severe problems with lifting her arm and was undergoing physiotherapy (which wasn't helping her). In hypnosis John managed to to help her to lift her arm above her head with no discomfort whatsoever. She continued to have freedom of movement for at least 3 weeks after this very short session which proves to me the power of the mind.

There are possibly hundreds of thousands of testimonials of people who claim to have been helped with hypnosis but this article is about whether or not YOU can be hypnotized.

The only honest answer is that you will never know unless you give it a go. Even if you don't feel that it worked the first time you could feel totally different the second time. Some people are naturally hypnotizable, others need a little practise. Some people are so sceptical that they are totally convinced it won't work (sceptics are my favourite subjects because more often than not they are the easiest people to hypnotize).

When choosing a Hypnotherapist it is vital that you trust their judgement implicitly. (As a possible sceptic you might doubt their judgement initially but if the therapist is good enough at their job then they should be able to answer honestly any questions that you put to them - which in many cases can be enough to build a working therapeutic relationship upon).

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