Personal Weight Loss Program

Welcome to your own Personal Weight Loss Programme where YOU learn to take control of the issues surrounding your weight. You will be guided on your personal path by your own responses to the given questions.

If you are one of those millions of people around the world who have a problem controlling your weight then you’ll know that simple suggestions to watch your diet or increase your exercise, although well intended, are like water off a duck’s back, so to speak.

Of course you know that doing those two simple things will enable you to lose weight, unless of course there are serious medical issues that need addressing. But knowing and doing are two different things and although we think we know what we ought to do, humans are driven by unconscious forces that often operate in conflict or opposition with our desires.

Because no two people are absolutely identical (even identical twins will have had different life experiences and have seen life through their own unique perspective), it is essential to work through your own specific issues and to know yourself.

This personal weight loss programme is designed specifically for you. You will be guided to follow your own unique path, and when you reach your destination, work with the suggestions given.

To do this, you will need a cassette recorder and a blank 60 or 90 minute cassette. That is all you need. You can choose from any of the inductions contained in, add a deepener and the script that fits your needs – which is the one that you come to at your destination point.

You can record your own weight loss programme and listen to it every day (or as near to every day that you can), for three weeks. After the three week period, use the cassette three times a week for another three weeks, and then once a week for six weeks. This will set into process your new way of thinking which will ultimately lead to you having achieved your ideal weight.

To begin with, just answer these three simple questions.

  • What is your present (approximate) weight?
  • What is your ideal weight?
  • Are you more than one stone over your ideal weight?

Aim to enjoy your food; losing weight does not mean depriving yourself of your favourite foods, but if you are a chocoholic or eat lots of takeaways and so on, then aim to eat these in moderation. A healthy slim person can usually have all their favourite foods without feeling at all deprived. Their favourite foods (coincidentally), just happen to be healthy(ish) ones.

The first step to taking control is to be aware of what you are eating. You probably already know which foods are ‘good’ and which are ‘bad’ – but I don’t want to just assume that everyone knows this –therefore, as a rough guide, for anyone unsure of what is or isn’t healthy, the table below gives an idea of the things to include(or avoid) in your personal plan.

You can skip this section if you are already familiar with healthy eating plans. If that is the case then proceed to Step 1.


Raw Fruit: Grapefruit; oranges; lemons; lime; apples; pears; tomatoes; kiwi; Grapes; dried fruit; bananas

Vegetables: Lettuce; cucumber; capsicum; peas; beans; cabbage; spinach; cauliflower; broccolli; carrots; celery; red-cabbage; jacket potatoes; cress;

Beans: sprouted beans & seeds; fish; chicken; turkey; low-fat yogurt; poached eggs

Wholemeal bread; unrefined brown rice; buckwheat; millet; barley; rye; wheat berries; bulgar; corn and any other whole grain; Polyunsaturates; skimmed milk


Potatoes - fried or mashed ; parsnips; swede

Nuts; pork; red meat

Sugar; alcohol; white flour; bread; pastry; macaroni; quick oats; sweets; chocolates; cakes; biscuits; white bread

Sausages; bacon; lard; margarine; butter; whole fat milk; crisps

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