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Have YOU Been Here Before?

This was the question asked by Phillip Schofield in his popular series on Past Life Regression on ITV - and some very interesting discoveries were revealed by ITV's historical researcher.

Differing opinions have been put forward by so-called 'experts' but the only question that is really important is what the person experiencing a regression session thinks.  Have they really been here before?  Or, perhaps more importantly. was it a figment of their imagination?

Regressionist Andrea Faulkes used a special hypnotic voice to take the celebrities on Have You Been Here Before back in time to experience previous incarnations.  Many of her subjects were convinced that they had lived before and will be here again in a future life time.

If you have any thoughts on this matter then we'd love to hear from you and will publish your opinions or experiences on this site.  Please email with your article and let us know if you wish your identity to be disclosed or not.  (We always respect your right to privacy).

Our belief is that we should all keep an open mind on this subject.  Okay, it's a comforting thought that our soul continues to survive after death and it's easy to see the sceptic's argument - especially when there is no tangible evidence to support the theory.

But then again - just imagine yourself back in time - a thousand years ago (for example) - do you think that people in that day and age would ever have believed in technology as it is today, modern computers, ipods, game consoles, mobile phones, DVDs, space travel and so on?  Who really knows what is possible and what is not?  We are only limited by our thinking.


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Past Life Regression Recordings


Past Life Rainbow


We are all surrounded by electromagnetic waves of energy of which colour is an important part.  Each colour  has its own wavelength and frequency - just as our brain does. This hypnosis recording allows you to tap into those frequencies and journey back through the colours of the rainbow to rediscover your past life or lives.  More


Chakra Regression


This Chakra Regression hypnosis download uses a method of psychic protection before taking you back on a journey into your past life. You will be accompanied by your Spirit Guide who will offer guidance to any issues that you may be experiencing.   More


Past Life Regression can be used in many ways to help the Karmic process.  Visiting former lifetimes and seeing the mistakes that you keep on making can often be quite an eye-opener.  You notice that you are still making the same mistakes in this lifetime and this revelation has the effect of making you more consciously aware of what you are doing - helping to rectify the situation.  More


Future Life Progression

How many times have we or our parents said 'if only I knew then what I know now?'.  It is an ideology in most people's minds when they grow older - 'what would I have done differently?'.  With this hypnotic recording  you can project your mind way into the future and look back to see the path that your life took you (had continued on it) Of course - from this perspective you can then change your own personal history.  More

Hall of Mirrors


(Short extract) "The hall of mirrors is round and high. Hanging from the ceiling is a huge, crystal chandelier which seems to catch the sunlight, sending star dressed fairies dancing round the room. The mirrors that adorn the hall give the illusion of a thousand doors and so you step into the hall, wondering which is your reflection. Which is real?

As you look around the reflections change, some gradually, others more quickly. There is 'you' from your . . "


The full version of this script is available through the PayPal link below.  It also includes a free induction and deepener.


Hall of Mirrors Regression Script


Also available as an MP3 download

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Hall of Mirrors MP3

Hall of Mirrors CD

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